101 Swim Tips

Pool Tips nos 1-5

Tip 1: Read, and re-read these valuable tips and think about how each one relates to you and your swimming. There are now 101 of them available on this website (see side panel): don't let such a potentially helpful resource pass you by!

Tip 2: Mark any swimming kit (fins, etc) that you bring onto the poolside with your name!

Tip 3: In a busy lane, cut before you turn so that you push off into clear water and not the person behind you.

Tip 4: If you are the lane leader take that responsibility seriously. Stay focussed and set the best example you can to everyone else in your lane.

Tip 5: Ever had a goggle elastic break at a meet or mislaid your cap? When you pack your bag for a gala, make sure you do it like Noah - everything in, two by two!