101 Swim Tips

Specific Sprinting Tips 72-75

Tip 72: You will not become a sprint swimmer by spending huge amounts of time training relatively slowly, just as you will not become a chess master by spending huge amounts of time playing draughts.

Tip 73: You should ultimately be seeking to breathe once or not at all in a 50m long course sprint. To do that, you need to practice breath-holding in training.

Tip 74: Don't out-swim yourself over the last part of a 50m race: trying too hard is the kiss of death. You have to swim the final 12m with maximum speed, but without maximum effort - sounds like a contradiction, but it's the key to the finish.

Tip 75: When you sprint you can actually try too hard, strange though that may seem. Swim with a relentless rhythm characterised by the absence of any unnecessary tension and you will find yourself swimming at your fastest.