101 Swim Tips

Starts, Turns & Finishes Tips 56-61

Tip 56: Whenever you push off, don't push off from just your toes: make sure the ball of your foot is in contact with the wall. And don't get so close that you are all scrunched up: the bend at your knee should actually be more than 90°, just as it would be if you were doing a vertical jump in the air. This, in fact, is what coaches mean when they tell you to always JUMP the walls!

Tip 57: The tightness of your tuck at the turn, determines how fast you will rotate. An open turn is invariably a slower turn.

Tip 58: Take any hollow out of your lower back when you push off by tilting your pelvis backwards and pulling your lower rib cage in. The resulting flat back you get will give you a more streamlined shape.

Tip 59: Want to be more streamlined? Try thinking 'long and tall' in the water as you swim - it is a feeling well worth cultivating.

Tip 60: Always swim in! Become just as skilled at finishing as any other aspect of your race

Tip 61: Touch at the finish before you look at the clock!