101 Swim Tips

General Training Tips nos 44-49

Tip 44: How firm should you hold your hand as it enters the water and reaches for the catch in the three strokes with out-of-the-water arm recoveries? "Clap firm", ie as firmly as you would hold your hand if your were a member of an audience clapping someone.

Tip 45: Ask any swimmer and they will tell you that they pull their hands backwards in the water… but they don't! They actually pull their bodies forwards, past their hands. Think about this as you are swimming - you will be amazed at the almost instant improvement you will perceive.

Tip 46: Don't let the Olympic Games slowly fade from your memory - go back and re-watch all your favourite races... and then watch them again. Learn all you can by looking at the best!

Tip 47: There is no failure like the failure to learn from failure… Always try to turn failure into a positive experience by learning all you can from it!

Tip 48: New Year's resolutions, even if they are about sprinting, are marathons - 52 weeks to make your resolution a reality. Don't try to do it all in January - stay the course!

Tip 49: Efficient swimming technique is not simply achieved by doing the movements or by trying hard. Make sure you also always swim with a directional purpose. Don't just swim - always swim somewhere, always swim with the intention of getting to the other end of the pool even if you are swimming less than a full length!