101 Swim Tips

General Training Tips nos 33-37

Tip 33: tenacious |təˈnā sh əs| adjective

• not easily dispelled or discouraged; persisting in existence or in a course of action : a tenacious competitor | the way he sprinted was tenacious.

Tip 34: One of your essential aims for the season should be to swim your fastest races in the most important meet(s) of the season.

Tip 35: Lots of swimmers just don't get it: they rush all kinds of things by just trying to do what feels fast. Impatience is the cause. Trying to simply be 'quick' off the blocks instead of concentrating on a powerful forward drive. Rushing the underwater phase in order to get into the stroke. Revving up wildly in an effort to go faster. Sound familiar?

Tip 36: Don't fill up your training week with lots of high volume, low intensity interval sessions. Quality is what counts - seek to do more and more of your work near, at, or faster than race pace!

Tip 37: When you breathe in any stroke, hold the air inside you until just before you take your next breath, exhaling forcefully through your nose and mouth before you start to inhale.