101 Swim Tips

General Training Tips nos 23-27

Tip 23: Always think about your body position first - it has a HUGE impact on all strokes!

Tip 24: Ever tried mirror swimming? When you are trying to make a correction to your stroke which is proving to be difficult, sometimes it may prove useful to practice it at home: stand in front of a big mirror and repeat the movements you are trying to achieve whilst watching yourself doing them. Make any necessary adjustments and when you get back in the water try to remember what the correct version felt like.

Tip 25: Make your mirror swimming practice more challenging by closing your eyes at times whilst really trying to feel the movements your are making. Confirm what you feel by then opening your eyes and watching yourself perform the same movements.

Tip 26: Constant speed swimming is more efficient than fluctuating speed swimming, even within each stroke cycle. Within the constraints of each particular stroke, try to keep your speed as constant as possible.

Tip 27: If you cannot demonstrate the Early Vertical Forearm position out of the water, then you are unlikely to be able to accomplish the skill in the water.