101 Swim Tips

Freestyle Tips 62-67

Tip 62: When swimming freestyle keep your head down all the time! Learn to trust your fellow swimmers and use the lines on the bottom of the pool to help you gauge when the turn is coming up.

Tip 63: In freestyle recover your arm through the air, and not partly through the air and partly through the water.

Tip 64: Moving your head excessively when you breathe in frontcrawl? Then try "Cyclops" breathing: concentrate on limiting the amount of head movement you make by only allowing one of your eyes to come out of the water as you take each breath.

Tip 65: In freestyle and butterfly too, recover with "soft" hands.

Tip 66: Plop! Yes, you read it correctly - PLOP! This is how your hand should enter the water in both frontcrawl and backcrawl. Let it enter with a plop or even a splash - never check it or try to neatly place it in the water.

Tip 67: The two most important strokes in freestyle sprinting are your break-out stroke and your finishing stroke. Practice them both!