101 Swim Tips

Starts, Turns & Finishes Tips 50-55

Tip 50: How far you kick underwater at the start or coming out of the turn is directly proportional to how fast you can kick underwater. If you're not a good kicker, get into your stroke... or better still, learn how to improve your kick!

Tip 51: Speed over the first 10-15m comes down to a simple equation: how much speed you can generate before leaving the block PLUS how much speed you can maintain under the water before you break-out. Simples!

Tip 52: If you are interested in getting the best possible start and you are not using some kind of a track start, then it is time to change!

Tip 53: With the "sling-shot" track start, lean back just far enough to put some tension in your upper arms.

Tip 54: By the time you hit the water from your racing dive, your hands should already be in a streamlined position one on top of the other.

Tip 55: The starting dive isn't just about diving into the water... It's about launching yourself into a race!