101 Swim Tips

General Training Tips nos 38-43

Tip 38: The body does not get fitter through exercise; it gets fitter through recovering from exercise.

Tip 39: After a really hard training session it is important to kick start the process of recovery so that you do not go into your next session still in a state of depletion. You can do this simply by drinking 300-400ml of chocolate milk (dairy or soya - both contain appropriate combinations of carbohydrate and protein). Try to do this within twenty minutes of leaving the water - and you don't need any excuses for downing one of these delicious drinks either!

Tip 40: Allow yourself to recover from hard training by getting sufficient sleep. Sleep deprivation is known to slow the release of growth hormone which stimulates muscle repair

Tip 41: "People say I have a great talent, but in my opinion excellence has nothing to do with talent. It is about what you choose to believe and how determined you are to get there." (Michael Phelps)

Tip 42: Performing well in the pool quite often translates into the classroom, and vice-versa. Learn to use your ability to focus and work hard to your best advantage!

Tip 43: No matter which of your strokes you are trying to improve, if you can establish a very low-drag style at lower speeds, the energy savings will increase exponentially (ie more and more rapidly) as you swim faster.