101 Swim Tips

General Training Tips nos 28-32

Tip 28: Understand that exploration is an integral part of the developmental process especially if you are still growing when at times you can feel things seem to be changing almost weekly. You can't afford to rest on your laurels simply because you've currently mastered a movement - be prepared to play about with that movement: get yourself involved in the exploration process.

Tip 29: If you want to swim faster, everything you do from warm up to warm down must be performed with proper technique. Have the self discipline to maintain that technique throughout each session, every session!

Tip 30: Have a routine before you race.

Tip 31: Learn to thrive in the competition environment: arrive at the pool prepared to manage expectations and pressure, the noise, the crowded warm up lanes, the lack of swim down opportunities; prepared to cope with the time intervals between races and whatever the marshalling process throws at you; prepared to deal with the most officious of officials; prepared to cope with the unexpected and still race fast. And learn to arrive at every meet, equally well-prepared!

Tip 32: When you race, don't be concerned about what is happening in the lanes either side of you. The race will be won or lost in your lane. Stay relaxed, swim your own race, the way you have prepared.