101 Swim Tips

General Training Tips nos 18-22

Tip 18: It is not simply the content of the training programme that determines the successful swimmer: it is just as much to do with how each swimmer completes those sessions. Take ownership of your own training performance: stay motivated and engaged and aim to "win the workout" whatever that may entail!

Tip 19: Increasing the number of repeats to achieve an increase in workout volume at the expense of the speed quality of the workout will only develop the ability to swim slowly more often...

Tip 20: One of the reasons winners become winners is because they are willing to lose. A fear of failure will tend to stifle your performance and get in the way of achieving what you might otherwise be capable of. Within your desire to win, never actually be afraid of losing!

Tip 21: "For myself, losing is not coming second. It's getting out of the water knowing you could have done better." (Ian Thorpe)

Tip 22: The easiest way to swim faster is to reduce the drag you create. Simple as that.