101 Swim Tips

Backstroke Tips 96-100

Tip 96: Finish your backstroke race by submarining your upper body into the wall, reaching for the touch by hyper-extending your finishing arm whilst at the same time 'fish-tailing' your feet through the surface.

Tip 97: Far too many swimmers hold their heads too high in backstroke, as if they are reading in bed. A head position like this tends to leave the legs too deep in the water and creates additional, completely avoidable, drag on the body.

Tip 98: Kick with long legs on backstroke from the hip - your knees should hardly break the surface when you get it right

Tip 99: Remember to exit the water with your thumb leading and enter the water with your pinky leading

Tip 100: The finish of the pull in backstroke is downward to help roll the body towards the shoulder and arm on the side that is about to pull. This puts the hand and arm into a mechanically stronger position.