101 Swim Tips

Breaststroke Tips 88-91

Tip 88: To reduce drag in breaststroke make sure you recover straight forwards, and not downwards.

Tip 89: When kicking in breaststroke, delay turning your feet out until you are just about to begin the kick. Recovering your feet in line with the legs reduces the resistance of the recovery movement.

Tip 90: If you are one of those breaststrokers repeatedly being told not to rush through the underwater phase, then try spelling "Glide": push off streamlined and say to yourself underwater (out loud, if you like!), "Capital G - l - i" before making your long pull, and "d - e" before recovering your arms and kicking into your first stroke proper. Do this for a week each time you push off and see the progress you make.

Tip 91: In breaststroke, squeeze your feet together at the end of the leg action for a more effective kick and better streamline.