101 Swim Tips

Butterfly Tips 81-87

Tip 81: When breathing in butterfly, don't leave the head up so long that the arms end up finishing their recovery in front of your face. Take your breath and get your head back down!

Tip 82: And where is the air that you are about to breathe in? Right in front of you just sitting there above the water. So don't lift yourself up to breathe - drive the chin forwards!

Tip 83: Whether you are using a flutter kick or a dolphin kick, the whole action must be generated from the hips and core down and not from the knees.

Tip 84: When doing dolphin kick make sure you kick in both directions, eg if you are on your front, kick UP as well as down. It would be a peculiar fish that swished its tailfin in one direction only!

Tip 85: Not really bothered about stretching your ankles? Recent research suggests that the overwhelming majority of thrust in the dolphin kick comes from below the ankles. In other words, the more you can make your feet move as freely as a dolphin's fluke, the greater thrust you will be able to produce.

Tip 86: The free movement of the pelvis is key to a good dolphin kick. Practice underwater dolphin in your side to help loosen it and experience what that freedom feels like.

Tip 87: Don't swim butterfly with a glide - it is not breaststroke! The inefficient speed fluctuation during each stroke cycle does not need to be made worse.