101 Swim Tips

Specific Sprinting Tips 76-80

Tip 76: The biggest single mistake you can make when sprinting is to false start. There are no excuses - don't blow everything before you have even entered the water! Learn to hold your balance and focus on reacting to the starting signal rather than on trying to anticipate it.

Tip 77: "I was very relaxed. I think it's the secret, being relaxed". (Florent Manaudou - Men's Olympic 50m Freestyle Champion, London 2012)

Tip 78: Research shows that in order to enhance (or even simply maintain) absolute swim speed, training throughout the year must include high quality sprint work.

Tip 79: Aerobic training has virtually nothing to do with sprinting, and should never be used in an attempt to make a sprinter faster. You want to swim fast? Then train fast!

Tip 80: In sprint freestyle, don't worry too much about finishing off each stroke. The power you generate at the end of the pull is small compared to the beginning, so the quicker you can get your hand back into the power position the better.