Mission Statement

Our swimming club, Free Style Swimming Club, will strive to be an organisation
in which we, the members, create an environment that promotes
a caring, kind and happy atmosphere:

•  where each of us can find support and encouragement in achieving our seen and as yet unseen potential;

•  where we value honesty, with ourselves and with others;

•  where we approach the development of swimming ability with informed and open minds, exploring freely and creatively ideas that can promote the pursuit of excellence;

•  where we can promote a genuine realisation of the joy of swimming fast irrespective of age and ability;

•  where we seek to maintain patience through understanding, resolving conflicts with each other by listening and talking, rather than through confrontation;

•  where we acknowledge and pursue broader educational aims through swimming;

•  where we show respect for and commitment to the wider community and environment;

•  and where we promote a sense of pride in our club.