Interested in Joining?

We have three criteria with respect to accepting new members
(and an expectation!):

·  You need to be interested in learning how to sprint and to be prepared to compete even if only occasionally. Some people come to us a little hesitant on this one but before they know it they actually really want to find out how fast they can swim in a race!

·  We need to have enough room to accommodate you. Currently we do have a few places available but water space is always tight...

·  You need to be able to keep up with the training we do sufficiently well that you do not interfere with the training of any other swimmer. Fortunately much of sprint training involves relatively long rest periods and so the chances of being able to keep up when you first join are in fact quite high. Add to that our use of fins and any reasonable swimmer stands a good chance of meeting this requirement

As for that expectation, we are not a "drop-off" club - please do not think of us as a child-minding service. Drop your kids off at anytime by all means, but we also have a clear expectation that every swimmer (or swimmer's family) puts some energy into the club at some point during the year. This can take pretty much any form from becoming a qualified official and helping out at galas to taking on a specific role on the committee; from organising a small fund raising event to baking cakes for one of our social gatherings - just be willing to commit to a modest number of hours over the year and the club will go from strength to strength!

Have a look at this page and if you would like to find out more face to face then come down to Forres Pool any Friday at 5.00 pm and have an initial word with one of the coaches. Bring yer dookers and be prepared to swim!

How much does it cost?

Every swimmer essentially pays for their own pool-time. We do not have a system whereby new members, or those not as advanced as other swimmers in the club subsidise the pool costs of the elite. For details, click here

Still not clear?

If you have any questions or would simply prefer to touch base first with our Membership Secretary or Director of Swimming then feel free to use our email form here