Every swimmer essentially pays for their own pool-time and level of instruction. We do not have a system whereby new members, or those not as far on as others subsidise the pool costs of the more advanced performers.

2x 1hr swim sessions
1x 1/2hr swim session every other week
1x 1hr land session

£25 per month

£300 pa

In addition all swimmers must become members of the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association the fee for which is currently £45.00 per annum.

Have a look at this page and if you would like to find out more face-to-face then come down to Forres Pool any Friday for 5.00 pm and have a word with one of the coaches. Don't be afraid if you're an older swimmer - we have a number of 18 year olds and upwards (and there's no limit on the upwards!) but we do, of course, have to make sure our club does not become skewed towards older members. in any event, bring yer dookers and be prepared to swim!

Still not clear?

If you have any questions or would simply prefer to touch base first with our Membership Secretary or Director of Swimming then feel free to use our email form here