Common Courtesy

Many of our swimmers are in or approaching their teenage years, years that are a challenging developmental period. As parents, we love our children to bits and we care deeply about their futures. We want to equip them with the tools to tackle life with gusto. We strongly believe that good manners and consideration of others are essential parts of that toolkit.

Swimmers' Etiquette

Respect when dry...

• Get to the pool in good time - aim to be on the poolside 5 minutes before the session is due to start

• Do not leave your clothes in a cubicle - other users may need to get changed whilst you are swimming

• Look after your clothes and make sure you have everything with you when you leave

• Use the toilet and, if need be, blow your nose before coming onto the poolside

• Always be polite and courteous to pool-staff and to every other user of the pool

Respect when wet...

• Always swim in such a way that you do not interfere with the training of anyone else

• Look at your coach when he or she is talking to you and listen carefully

• Swim in the correct direction in your lane cutting across before you turn so that you do not pushoff into the person behind you

• Leave sufficient space between you and the swimmer in front. You must both give yourselves the best chance possible of swimming an uninterrupted length

• If you are the lane leader, stay focussed and set an example. Have your goggles down ready to go as soon as you are told and keep track of the set

• Allow other swimmers to swim in at the end of a length: practising finishing is as important to the last swimmer in the lane as it is to the first

• If you want to have a drink or go to the toilet, do so between sets and not in the middle of one

• On longer swims, if you want to pass, gently tap or tag the toes of the person in front. This is the sign that they should stop at the end of that length and let you pass. Don't tailgate!

• Brush your teeth before practice and don't breathe on people when resting at the wall - especially important after garlic bread!