Club Democracy

Free Style SC's commitment to democracy is absolute. Our constitution is in the form required by Scottish Swimming and provides for a Management Committee elected by and accountable to the wider membership. Its brief is to ensure the effective running and development of the club.

Plus a step or two more...

• We have agreed a mission statement which expresses much about the way in which we try to run our club

• Meetings are open to all members, and in the case of junior members, their parents or guardians as well. Any younger members likely to benefit from the experience are also actively encouraged to attend and participate. Every effort is made to reach decisions through open discussion and by the consensus of those in attendance

• The convention is deliberately being established whereby the position of Hon. President is filled by someone outwith both the club and the sport. It is hoped that in so doing, such a person might bring a completely independent perspective to bear, introducing fresh ideas into the frame and offering neutral facilitation with respect to resolving disagreements

• To support the work of the Management Commitee, our constitution has enabled the creation of a Training Subcommittee consisting of the Hon. Secretary, Child Protection Officer and all the coaches. Its role is to consider all matters relating directly to the training of our swimmers, and to present proposals to the Management Committee for their consideration

• It is hoped that with our expectation that every member will contribute some energy to the club in some way, a wider interest in the on-going running and well-being of the club will be kindled and this in turn will mitigate against any smaller self-interest group emerging and having undue influence in the decision-making process

• Finally, we are committed to freedom of speech